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9 Hollywood Movies That Make Setting on Mars

An excellent development when we got word that NASA finally managed to land Perseverance on Mars. This red planet has too often become a fairy tale for the Earth public. A lot of speculation and stories are raised about Mars.

In fact, Mars is also too often the setting for a film. There are a number of films that make Mars the setting for their films, ranging from animation, science fiction, romance, to fairy tales.

What are the Hollywood movies that make Mars the setting? Let's take a look below.

1. Red Planet (2000)

By 2025, The Earth is rumored to be damaged by pollution so severe. The inhabitants are so large that scientists have to find another planet to occupy. Mars is a destination. However, the research and expedition went not smoothly, even scientists bet their lives to be able to survive on Mars.

The film was released in 2000, but in the background, Mars is depicted quite interestingly. it turned out that the team from National Geographic was behind the making of this film.

2. Mission to Mars (2000)

The new millennium in 2000 was immediately greeted with a film called Mission to Mars. The story is about an astronaut sent to Mars to help several previous astronauts who were victims of a tragedy.

From the mission, it is also known that Mars keeps its own secrets. Even with the latest graphics, the film still received widespread attention from the public.

3. Ghost of Mars (2001)

Ghost of Mars is somewhat different from most Mars screenplay films. The film tells the story of the 22nd Century where Mars has been explored by humans by opening mines. However, there is a mysterious life-changing figure there.

In this film, the Red Planet is shown so gloomy with a thick night sky. Although graphically not very good, but the 2001 film is appreciated.

4. Doom (2005)

Based on a video game, Doom transforms into a fun movie to follow. So, the film tells the story of a research mission on Mars that leads to catastrophe. All research objects turn into dangerous monsters.

The suspenseful film also features a side of Mars as the setting. Although the graphics are not very real, the film can still be enjoyed because of the tensions shown.

5. Watchmen (2009)

There's also a superhero movie set on Mars, Watchmen by Zack Snyder. Yep, this DC character-based film slips the story of Dr. Manhattan who chooses to stay on Mars after he is accused of spreading cancer in his company. Unfortunately, the film's Mars imagery is less interesting to enjoy graphically as well as in the background.

6. Mars Need Mom(2011)

The planet Mars was also the setting for an animated film called Mars Need Mom. This Disney film tells the story of a mother who saves her child, having been kidnapped by a native Martian creature. Although it has a great premise, unfortunately, this film is not so good in the market. In fact, the graphic depiction of Mars is quite interesting.

7. John Carter (2012)

Well, if this one has such a fictional story. Titled John Carter, the Hollywood film is based on the novel A Prince of Mars. The film tells the story of John, a former American soldier who is transported to Mars.

There, it is revealed that Mars turns out to be inhabited by its various conflicting creatures. The film is quite unique with unusual depictions. However, it adds more and more references to Mars from the film.

8. The Martian (2015)

Martian, this Hollywood film starring Matt Damon tells the story of an astronaut who 'misses' on Mars, being presumed dead and his partner leaving him. However, it turns out that the astronaut named Mark Watney was still alive and eventually had to survive by making a potato garden on Mars until the rescue team came.

The setting of Mars in the film is very aesthetic. The reddish scenery that stretches is one of the highlights in the film. Unsurprisingly, the film premiered at TIFF and received seven Oscar nominations.

9. The Space Between Us (2017)


Mars can also be the setting of a romantic film with a fairly unique premise. The Space Between Us tells the story of an Earthling who was born on Mars and has a desire to return to Earth, having met an Earth girl via chat. However, because of the birth on Mars, his body had to adapt to Earth's environment.

This 2017 film does have a story that makes us carried away. The Martian setting, which is presented with the curves of its land, makes the film's romantic impression come to life. The film was nominated for the Teen Choice Awards and the London Critics Circle Film Awards.

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