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Evan Peters’s Quicksilver Appears in Leaked Footage of WandaVision


Cinemaroll - Crazy things happen on the internet. The new leaked footage of WandaVision's series shows Evan Peters's Quicksilver, and he seems to have a very big role in this 'lost city of Westview' events. Wait... is he the main villain cause Wanda fought him on the leaked?

However, WandaVision has reached a new level since entering the fourth episode. We all know that Wanda creates an energy field around Westview and manipulates the reality within it. There, she lives happily with Vision's "corpse" and has friendly and pleasant neighbors. But everything changes when Monica Rambeau is accidentally dragged into Wanda's reality.

Monica, disguised as Geraldine, makes Wanda realize that something is wrong. After singing a Sokovian’s lullaby for her twins, she told Geraldine that she was a twin.

Geraldine then says, "He killed by Ultron, right?" making Wanda realize that Geraldine is not part of the reality of her creation. Wanda eventually pumps Geraldine aka Monica out of Westview.

As we know, Wanda's twin is Pietro Maximof aka Quicksilver who was killed at the end of Avengers Age of Ultron. Interestingly, leaked footage spread in social media shows the appearance of Quicksilver.

But instead of showing the MCU version of Quicksilver, what appears is the X-Men universe version of Quicksilver played by Evan Peters. In the half-minute video, Evan Peters wears a comic version of Quicksilver's classic costume during Halloween's night in Westview.

In addition to bringing up Quicksilver, the footage also shows a lot of interesting things. There's Vision on the Westview border and interested in the energy field in front of it. He then tries to penetrate the energy field and catch a glimpse of Darcy and the rest of the S.W.O.R.D. Vision looked in pain and said something unclear, but after trying to guess, he seemed to say, "The people need help!"

The scene changes and features Billy, Wanda's older son at Haloween's party. He says something about, "Daddy, he's in trouble," while Quicksilver behind Wanda lightly says, "It's not like your dead husband can die twice," and ends up being attacked by Wanda.

Something is interesting here. Evan Peters is unlikely to appear in the MCU playing Quicksilver, at least not for the series. Although FOX and the X-Men is already become properties of Disney, Kevin Feige has confirmed that X-Men’s film is still far away in future to be develope.

Besides, what Evan Peters said felt very suspicious. How did he know Vision was dead before? It's easy to say that Evan Peters's version of Quicksilver in this leaked footage is the main villain in WandaVision series.

Many fans speculate that he is Mephisto in disguise and trying to mess up Wanda's depression.

Another interesting thing is Vision's remarks about 'the people need help.' Who are ‘the people’ that Vision mention? Residents of Westview? Why do they need help? Is there anything threatening? What does Vision mean is Wanda? Do people have to be saved from Wanda who manipulating the reality? Or is it Mephisto that Vision mean?

Interesting to wait for, especially rumors say this week WandaVision will air two episodes at once.

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