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Agatha Harkness's Mystery Book Explained

cinemaroll - The seventh episode of the WandaVision series has been released. The episode still tells the story of Monica Rambeau and her team's struggle to penetrate Hex Westview. Not to forget, we are told about Wanda who looks depressed about what happened in Westview. However, Wanda has to face things she never imagined before. While searching for her twins, Wanda finds a basement in Agnes' house.

The room seems to be the only area in Westview that Wanda can't control. The walls are covered with vines and various antique furniture. In a scene, it is shown that there is a small stand and there is a mysterious book on it. The mysterious book appears to bring out a kind of magic aura. Before Wanda had time to investigate, Agnes then appeared and revealed her true identity.

It turns out that Agnes is real name Agatha Harkness, and she is a witch who is behind all the other events in Westview. In the comics, Agatha is Wanda's mentor. But in the WandaVision series, he seems to be the main villain. While Agness's identity has been revealed, now the biggest question is what book is stored in Agatha's room? Well, in Marvel Comics, there are so many books about magic. But Marvel fans speculated that the book was named Darkhold.

Darkhold, aka The Shiatra Book of the Damned, aka The Book of Sins, is a book created when Chthon writes his evil matra. Darkhold stores evil energy, which can make the whole city dark. Darkhold has also been shown in several episodes in the Series Agent of SHIELD and Runaways. In the Agents of SHIELD series, it is told that Ghost Rider took Darkhold to Hell Dimension, but later the book was in the hands of villain Morgan le Fay in the Runaways series

Darkhold also has a long history in comics. Dracula once hired a thief to steal Darkhold's book, but an adventurer named Cagliostro kills the thief and retrieves his magic book. Some of Darkhold's pages were also once owned by a sect called Darkholder, who used his powers to worship Chthon.

Well back in the WandaVision series, if Agatha is really behind all this, then most likely Agatha uses Darkhold to strengthen her magic powers. But, if Wanda or Monica Rambeau manages to steal the book, then it will be the key to defeating Agatha. Lapipula, since the book can be used to drive out powerful wizards like Morgan le Fay, will also succeed in defeating Agatha Harkness.

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