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Top 10 Recommended Adult Korean Films

Cinemaroll -Korean films are increasingly popular. This time, Cinemaroll will give you the Best Adult Korean Film Recommendation.

1. The Concubine

The First Adult Korean Film Recommendation Is The Concubine. Yes, this is one of the Korean films that we highly recommend. In addition to containing a very mature element, of course, this will increase your love lust. What's more, the romantic element gets us carried away. 

The film tells the story of a woman who is forced to live as a royal concubine. The dilemma of men and women, between love and vengeance, and the story of the prince who loves the concubine. All of those combination makes this film has a complicated love story.

Synopsis of The Concubine:

This historical film is set during the Joseon Dynasty. The film focused on Hwa-Yeon (Jo Yeo-Jeong), who becomes the royal concubine against the wishes of Kwon-Yoo (Kim Min-Joon), a man torn between love and revenge, and Prince Sung-won (Kim Dong-Wook), whose love is only with Hwa-Yeon even though countless women are wanted him.

These three characters form a love triangle influenced by dangerous passions. The struggle to survive within the strict rules and boundaries of the palace is very strong, and only those strong enough to overcome such an environment of hell can survive.

The film reveals the tragic love triangle between Hwa-Yeon (Cho Yeo-Jeong), her real love Kwon-Yoo (Kim Min-Jun), and the man who will become King (Kim Dong-Wook).

Prince Sungwon (Kim Dong-Wook) sees the daughter of a wealthy nobleman named Hwa-Yeon (Cho Yeo-Jeong), and for the first time, the prince falls in love. However, Hwa-Yeon loves Kwon-Yoo (Kim Min-Jun). Kwon-Yoo saved her father Hwa-Yeon's life and now lives with her family.

Meanwhile, Prince Sungwon's mother (Park Ji-Young) notices her son's fascination with Hwa-Yeon. The Prince's mother doesn't like Hwa-Yeon enough and considers Hwa Yeon not good enough for her son. Prince Sungson's mother then plans to make Hwa-Yeon a concubine for her stepson (Jung Chan).

2. A Frozen Flower

The Second Adult Korean Film Recommendation Is A Frozen Flower. The recommendations of Korean films of today's genre are still related to the history of the kingdom. But remember, our recommendations this time are very controversial.

This film is banned because there are so many unworthy scenes, such as vulgarity and violence.

Synopsis of A Frozen Flower:

The film by OPUS Pictures is about the kingdom of Goryeo under the conquest of the Yuan Kingdom. King Goeryeo directly selected the young men and made them the king's bodyguards as Kunryongwe.

Having lived in the Palace freely as Commander of Kunryongwe, Hongrim became very close to the King. So close, they even stayed in a room. Yes, King turned out to be a gay who pulled his bodyguards into being gay too.

In fact, the young king has had an empress who came from Yuan. Years later the problem of the absence of a successor to the job became an opportunity for Yuan to extort the Goryeo kingdom.

They asked for the replacement of the king in the absence of a successor to the kingdom. The Empress, who had felt lonely and jealous of Hongrim from the beginning, could not bear to abdicate. He asked the king to make more efforts. But a king with another sexual orientation certainly can't grant it.

The king prefers to abdicate. But the empress and the devotion of the king's bodyguards have other solutions.

He asked Commander Hongrim, who is, in fact, his gay partner, to serve the Empress. It was certainly a hard order, the first Hongrim had never been in contact with a woman. Second, the empress hated Hongrim. 

3. The Handmaiden

The Third Adult Korean Film Recommendation Is The Handmaiden. This is a film that contains a lot of vulgar elements.

Yes, besides being so hot, this movie is also very thrilling. From the beginning of the story to the end, there are so many things that you can't imagine. For more details, you can read the synopsis below.

Synopsis of The Handmaiden:

The film, set in 1930, tells the story of an accomplished con man named Fujiwara (Ha Jung Woo) who recruits a young woman who works as a pickpocket named Sook-Hee (Kim Tae Ri) to work as a waitress in a Japanese house inhabited by a wealthy woman who inherits a lot of inheritance named Hideko (Kim Min-Hee).

Sook-Hee is trained to approach Hideko so that Hideko can fall in love with Fujiwara and Fujiwara can get all his wealth.

However, when Sook-Hee has become Hideko's servant, Sook-Hee sees Hideko as a very innocent and beautiful woman. Even Sook-Hee has a taste for his female employer.

When Fujiwara's plan was to be executed, Sook-Hee tried to fail because Sook-Hee was jealous of Fujiwara. Sook-Hee himself does not know that Hideko's employer has a hidden plan.

4. The Treacherous

The Fourth Adult Korean Film Recommendation Is The Treacherous. This recommendation is still related to the time of the Kingdom of Korea. Remember, once again we remind you, for those of you who are under 18 years old are not required to watch this movie.

Because there will be a lot of adult or vulgar scenes shown. If its not enough, there are also many murders and others. For more details, read the synopsis below.

Treacherous Synopsis:

Prince Yeonsan (played by Kim Kang Woo) becomes engulfed in madness as he kills the people responsible for his mother's death. He appoints his old friend Im Soong Jae (played by Ju Ji Hoon) and his father to the retainer position.

Then they ordered to gather beautiful women from all over the kingdom for Prince Yeonsan's pleasure.

Women are taken regardless of their marital status or social class, which causes widespread outrage. Dan Hee (played by Lim Ji Yeon) is a beautiful woman, but she is a butcher of the lowest class.

She keeps Im Soong-Jae out of harm's way and then begs him to take her to court. Im Soong-Jae refused for her reasons.

5. A Muse

The Fifth Adult Korean Film Recommendation Is A Muse. Yes, the film that was released in 2012 was controversial.

This movie is highly recommended for those of you who want to watch movies with adult romance. There are so many vulgar scenes that might make you misbehave. For more details, read the synopsis below.

Synopsis A Muse:

Lee Jeok-yo (Park Hae-il) was a highly respected national poet in his 70s. His thirtysomething assistant Seo Ji-woo (Kim Mu-yeol) recently published her first book, described as a genre novel with psychological insights, and it has shot to the top of the bestseller list.

Only then will it become clear how great the debt is to the poet's winner.

On finding a young high school girl, Eun-gyo (Kim Go-eun), asleep on a chair on her porch, Jeok-yo is instantly lured and instead of punishing her for breaking into the property, she then agrees to give him a part-time job cleaning her house. 

As Jeok-yo spends more time in Eun-gyo's company, the long-lost feeling awakens in her, and her excitement, lust for life, a genuine sense of pleasure and warmth towards her quickly strips away another year in her mind.

He increasingly sees himself as the young man he used to love and needs for him to grow not only because he finds himself very beautiful but also as a direct result of how he makes her feel.

Very smitten, Jeok-yo began writing short stories about imagined sexual relationships with effervescent young women. However, as the two get closer, Ji-woo finds it impossible to refrain from sounding the opposition to what is considered to be an inappropriate and entirely disgusting relationship

6. Portrait of A Beauty

The next Recommended Adult Korean Film Is Portrait of A Beauty. Yes, the recommendation of adult movies this time is arguably very hot. We remind you again, for those of you who are not yet 18 years old, it is not mandatory to watch this movie.

Because there will be so many adult scenes that can make your love lust explode for sure. Even excessive romantic elements can make us carried away. For more details, read the synopsis below.

Portrait of A Beauty Synopsis:

Shin Han pyeong is a famous artist in Dohwaseo, he is retiring and there is a young artist who is starting to stand out, Kim Hong Do. Shin Han Pyeong feels jealous and threatened because traditionally his son should continue his talent so he forces his son Shin Yun Bok to follow in his footsteps.

Although Shin Yun Bok has talent but not following his father's expectations. Shin Yun Bok cannot withstand the pressure of his father and takes cowardly action by hanging himself.

The ambitious and self-conscious Shin Han Pyeong doesn't want to lose to Kim Hong Do, so he decides to make his daughter Shin Yun Jeong a man.

Shin Yun jeong happens to be very talented and forever has to keep her gender secret to enter art school because of the society that applies discrimination that women should not learn painting. Eventually, Shin Yun Jeong enters Dohwaseo and becomes Kim Hong Do's disciple for his father's ambitions as well as his ambitions.

7. Sex is Zero

The Last Adult Korean Film Recommendation Is Sex is Zero. Yes, judging by the title alone you already understand how the plot of this film. There will be a lot of vulgar that are not suitable for someone who is not yet 18 years old.

The film has two series, and after you finished with the first series in 2002, you can continue watching the 2007 series.

Synopsis Sex is Zero:

At a university, there's a group of female acrobats and there's a group of deep-powered men. Each group consists of Eun Hyo (Ha Ji Won) and Eun Sik (Im Chang Jung).

There is a silly free association between the two groups until the film raises Eun Hyo's pregnancy conflict. The precarious period after Eun Hyo's abortion becomes eun sik's chance to take care of the woman she loves. 

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