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The Best 16 Netflix Series You Should Watch


Cinemaroll - With in-house productions like "Stranger Things", "Bridgerton" or "The Witcher", Netflix has succeeded in making popular series hits. We introduce you to the best originals you can look forward to this year.



Welcome to the glamorous London of the Regency era, where perfect outfits and a good game are more important than real feelings and great love. Daphne Bridgerton and her seven siblings have to find this painful. But the eldest daughter of the family seems to fall in love with the Duke of Hastings. Fans will surely be pleased that Julia Quinn's books still offer enough material for further seasons and that a sequel is already under negotiation.

The Witcher


The grumpy loner Witcher Geralt of Rivia earns his money by chasing monsters and otherwise keeps himself rather covered. He is looking for Princess Ciri, who he must protect according to an old law. The mighty sorceress Yennefer supports him in this. "The Witcher" opens up a whole new mystical world where elves meet monsters and dwarves, but the most feared creature is still a human. "The Witcher" was the most successful series on Netflix in 2019. The second season is already in the works and is expected in early 2021.

You - You'll love me


Joe is a bookseller and at first glance looks like a very nice guy, but there is more behind the facade. He makes the author Beck fall in love with him. To do this, he uses social media to learn as much as possible about his worshippers. He succeeds, but he finds no measure and becomes more and more obsessed with the idea of making it dependent on him. He is willing to eliminate potential rivals and jealous friends and does not shy away from murder.

The Queen’s Gambit


Beth is an absolute natural talent when it comes to chess. In her dreams and the necessary medical support, she can put herself into every game. She plays through in thought, often intuitively. As gifted as she is in the game, she often struggles with reality.

"The Queen’s Gambit" is a Netflix miniseries that shows how dense genius and madness can sometimes lie. The perfect series for a rainy weekend.



After the san Esteban state school burned down, Samuel, Nadia, and Christian receive a scholarship from the construction company. Arriving at the elite school in Las Encinas, the new students still have a hard time. But quickly there are the first flirts and relationships between the students. The highlight will then be the final party of the school year, where Marina is found dead. But who is behind the murder? There are enough motives at the supposed school of the elites. "Elite" kicked off its third season on Netflix in March 2020.



The Netflix series looks more like a movie series because the three episodes can easily match some vampire movies in their appearance and length. In "Dracula," the Prince of Darkness appears in all three parts at different times, the characters around him also seem immortal. The series manages to be creepy and humorous at the same time, thanks in no least to Claes Bang in the title role. Anyone who knows the novel and the film adaptation of Francis Ford Coppola will find numerous allusions in the series. The viewer catches himself repeatedly gaining sympathy for the villain.



In fact, financial adviser Marty Byrde and his family wanted to escape the criminal activities in Chicago. Their goal was the tranquil Ozark in Missouri. However, the small idyllic port city quickly turns out to be a gem of money laundering and other criminal activity, and so the shadows of the past catch up with Marty faster than he liked.

Series creator Bill Dubuque has taken a role model at the Alhonna Resort, where he once worked as a student himself. "Ozark" shows that even the most unexpected rural regions can have it faustdick behind their ears and so begins a true-crime thriller "Fargo" or "Twin Peaks".

Anne with an E


Anne takes us on a journey into the life of a 14-year-old and shows us through her eyes how she fights prejudice, sexism, and gender injustice. Based on a novel based on "Anne of Green Gables", this series brings us in an easy way the story of little Anne, who grew up in orphanages and had a difficult life, which does not prevent her from captivating every human being with her open way. Amybeth McNulty plays the loving Anne Shirley-Cuthbert and enchants fans for the third season.



First Pablo Escobar, then the Cali Cartel: After the era of the notorious drug lord ended, Netflix created a new focus. And that's a good thing! The pictures from Bogota and the surrounding area still look fantastic, the continuation of the story is powerful even without Escobar. What's more, the rather one-sided focus on the charismatic and stimulating leading actor gives way to a more dynamic, much more versatile ensemble cast.

A fast-paced, politically explosive, and numerous-turn drug thriller in the style of "Sicario" (2015). The spin-off "Narcos: Mexico" features an all-around new cast and illuminates the drug swamp of the 1980s in the Mexican city of Guadalajara. The first three seasons of "Narcos" were exciting, no question. But the offshoot is the best material Netflix offers in the drug segment to date, especially as the tide is slowly turning there.

Money Heist


If you appreciate exciting heist movies, you can't miss this Spanish production. "La Casa de Papel," as it's called in the original, is a surprisingly unpredictable and very entertaining robber-and-gendarme series that features references to Tarantino's "Reservoir Dogs" and Soderbergh's "Oceans" trilogy. As in all successful modern series, the focus is on characters who don't let go of you, whose fates, dreams, and character weaknesses move the viewer. Among the Spanish performers, without exception, are the professor (Alvaro Morte), the Commissioner (Itziar Ituso), and Tokyo (Ursula Corber') with their rousing performance.

I Am Not Okay With This


If you already liked "The End of the F***king World", you can't miss this coming-of-age series. Jonathan Entwistle has recovered from the full and was inspired by "Stranger Things". The images are accompanied by a soundtrack of the extra class, which no one less than Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has put together. The short episodes invite you to binge and the entertaining ness runs through the entire first season. Not only for teenagers, "I Am Not Okay With This" is an absolute must. Unfortunately, the series was not spoiled in the course of the Coronapandemie, but the first season is absolutely worth seeing.

The Crown


How does the Queen work? What's going on behind the scenes of the royal family? Netflix has landed a real coup with its series about the English royal family. Millions of people around the world want to get a glimpse of the power structures and the seemingly healed world of the royal family - Netflix delivers it. And how: The story is not a shallow telenovela from inside Buckingham Palace, but a neatly researched chronology of power. Above all, Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth is a revelation. She plays the head of the English royal family with empathy and so much heart that millions of Netflix viewers can't get enough of the insights into the Queen's soul life.

Stranger Things


Legendary, which suction "Stranger Things" develops after only a few episodes. Otherwise, the genre mix, which has been successful on all levels, is a special flagship for Netflix. With a well-chosen ensemble, both the refreshingly carefree performances of the young actors (Millie Bobby Brown!) as well as the performances of the well-known actors like Winona Ryder are great, a broad audience is addressed.

The series is a hit for young and old. In the latter, mainly because the mystery manages to boast a variety of homages. References and cross-references to the complete work of Stephen King, formative genre films such as "Der Exzorzist" (1973) or "Die Outsider" (1983) and the "Jurassic Park" movies by Steven Spielberg from the 90s make the series a complex viewing experience.



The mysterious of Netflix's first german in-house production are divorcing. Sometimes it is frenetically celebrated for her courageous concept and modern narrative structure, while others accuse the series of spelling through the principle of mystery all too didactically. How to turn and turn it: The time travel story captivates with visual finesse, interesting characters, and many surprising plot twists. If you like series like "Stranger Things" and "Twin Peaks", you should simply form an opinion for yourself. In our opinion, however, those series will not be able to get enough of "Dark" quite quickly.

13 Reason Why


The two leading actors Dylan Minnette (Clay) and Katherine Langford (Hannah) are an engaging, fantastic duo, the first season they wear almost single-handedly. Although the second season can no longer build on the high quality and makes quite some big mistakes (more on this here), this very contemporary high school drama provides material from which water coolers are made. It moves, stimulates, and generates important discussions.

Black Mirror


Since season 4, this terrific dystopia series has been a Netflix original. With this, the streaming service has once again proved its knack for contemporary fabrics and has lifted a pearl of modern narrative art into its portfolio. The completed episodes about consumerism, the influence of social media, cybercrime, tech faith, and the fast-pacedness of the present are sometimes gloomy, sometimes dazzling, sometimes playful.

Showrunner Charlie Brooker has also proved with the new six episodes on Netflix how imaginative and intelligent serial fiction can be these days.

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